Zerubbabel was the leader of 50,000 exiles returning from Babylon (A place of bondage), and he surveys the rebuilding of the temple. The Samaritans brought about an order from the Persian government to halt construction. Preoccupation with other personal demands on their lives and pressures that came from facing a time of radical change had drained their energies. Comparisons to stories of the glory of the former temple began to breed discouragement that they could never rebuild it as well, if at all.
If we want to be in the perfect will of God where do we start?
We start by the small beginning of thanking The Lord that we are in His will. (1Thessalonians 5:18)Å
Zechariah 4:10 Do not despise this small beginning, for the eyes of the Lord rejoice to see the work begin.
How do we start?
God encouraged Zerubbabel to call upon His grace and the power of the Holy Spirit to get the work done.

Zech 4:2-10 "What do you see now?" he asked. I answered, "I see a gold lampstand holding seven lamps, and at the top there is a reservoir for the olive oil that feeds the lamps, flowing into them through seven tubes.
3 And I see two olive trees carved upon the lampstand, one on each side of the reservoir.
4 What is it, sir?" I asked. "What does this mean?"
5 "Don't you really know?" the angel asked. "No, sir," I said, "I don't."
6 Then he said, "This is God's message to Zerubbabel: `Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty-- you will succeed because of my Spirit, though you are few and weak.'
7 Therefore no mountain, however high, can stand before Zerubbabel! For it will flatten out before him! And Zerubbabel will finish building this Temple with its capstone in its place shouting 'grace and thanksgiving' for God's mercy, declaring that all was done by grace alone."
8 Another message that I received from the Lord said:
9 "Zerubbabel laid the foundation of this Temple, and he will complete it. (Then you will know these messages are from God, the Lord Almighty.)
10 Do not despise this small beginning, for the eyes of the Lord rejoice to see the work begin, to see the plumbline in the hand of Zerubbabel. For these seven lamps represent the eyes of the Lord that see everywhere around the world." (TLB)

Grace means that it is not our power but God's which moves obstacles.
As individuals also, we are each a temple of the Lord. The Lord calls us to act to release His grace.
Note the use of the plumbline or spirit level. This signifies simply getting started and measuring what had to be measured.

There is our work in believing and there is God’s work in achieving. Then the 'capstone' or finished state demonstrates a true and finished work. God will help us to work on one thing at a time. When time becomes an enemy in your mind then turn it into eternity through stillness. This depends on whether you value more the things of time than the things of eternity.
The faithful work is ours – the supernatural work is God’s. There is our work in believing and there is God’s work in achieving.
The Holy Spirit teaches us that whatever the enemy has done to destroy our faith, the Lord is able to recover, reclaim, restore, renew, rebuild out of what has been broken, and to bring restoration to our soul, to our character, to our life and future.

God shares his will with your spiritual renewed mind but the natural mind demands its will of you which is the opposite to freedom or what we call free will. When the natural self will asserts its opposition to Gods will it is acting against its spiritually created true inner self. It even encourages you to oppose Gods will because it feels like it's missing out and not in control. The result is dissatisfaction and confusion in the soul. Gods will is free will because it is always loving and productive and totally without coercion.

The reality is that you and God are one - of one spirit. So Gods will and your will are actually the same. The result is clarity and satisfaction in the soul.

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