2Timothy 1:5. When I call to mind the genuine faith that is in you … I want to remind you to stir up that gift that is within you … 6 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of an ordered mind.

The spirit of fear was activated when Adam felt separated from God because of a threefold lie from the prince of darkness. A) God does not want the best for you, b) God does not want you to succeed, c) God is not fair – The three basic fears.
Darkness seeks to sow the spirit of fear into our human spirit by provoking in us a mindset of separation from God – from the peace of being ONE with God. We are no longer slaves to that mindset of fear.

BUT – God has given us the spirit of power (Luke 8:42).
Power comes from being in touch with God. Touch is a physical sense of closeness, and touching God is a spiritual sense of closeness to the source of all power. When we stay in touch, presence power flows (note the spiritual senses of seeing, which is faith, and hearing, which is getting revelation and understanding from God).

AND – God has given us the spirit of love
That power of his presence is the spirit of love – the most creative power in the Universe. Love not only gives, but desires to share the best it has.

AND – God has given us the spirit of an ordered mind - the mindset of Christ. That is the mindset of non-separation – God with us, always, in all things.
An ordered mind is the result of a connected heart. A connected heart instructs the mind in wisdom. God wants you to be successful at being who he created you to be – The best at being who you are!
Psalm 16:7 I bless the Lord who gives me counsel; my heart instructs me in times of challenge.


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